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Lease Advisors is committed to helping you gain more from your lease.

At Lease Advisors, our team is comprised of industry veterans who provide free, no-obligation consultations to help landowners understand the true value of their leases. Often the value of a lease can change as property values change. Depending on when your lease was written, it's very possible that the rent you’re collecting is far below current market value.

The truth is, when you negotiate a new or renewal mobile base lease, you’re working with a tenant who has its own best interest at heart. That means that your lease terms and conditions are written to protect the interest of the tenant, not yours.

Telecom companies have a team of professionals working to protect their interests; Lease Advisors is committed to removing the uncertainty and helping landlords realize their future lease income now. A telecom site lease buyout eliminates the financial risk of site decommissions and rent reductions, for you the landowner.

Lease Advisors
Lease Advisors, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Tower Corporation, is the premier ground lease acquisition firm offering the most competitive payouts for cellular site buyout transactions. Our lease consultants assist with cellular lease acquisitions, and various other issues that accompany owning a lease asset. Our firm prides itself in our extensive experience and knowledge of the ground lease market, and an unyielding commitment to quality service and maximum value for our clients.
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