Lease Acquisition

The benefit we provide is straightforward and our process is simple.

During our lease evaluation process, we will review your lease economics and your personal financial goals. From there, you can determine whether the benefits of a lease purchase outweigh the risks of lease ownership. When Lease Advisors purchases a lease, we provide an up-front cash payment that amounts to years of monthly rent. Even if the site is decommissioned, those funds are yours to keep.

Your lease can provide access to immediate capital that you may not have considered. Lease Advisors can help you access capital for future goals or for an alternative investment with higher ROI:

1. Lease review and appraisal

We will review your lease terms and conditions to determine our valuation of your lease based on today’s rates.

2. Create custom solution

If your lease qualifies, your lease consultant will make the most attractive lump sum offer and present creative term options to suit your needs. 

3. Earn more from your lease

Lease Advisors will help you eliminate decommission risk and secure your lease income in advance. Landlords typically receive cash payouts within ninety days of acceptance of our offer and reinvest capital for increased long-term value.

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Lease Advisors
Lease Advisors, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Tower Corporation, is the premier ground lease acquisition firm offering the most competitive payouts for cellular site buyout transactions. Our lease consultants assist with cellular lease acquisitions, and various other issues that accompany owning a lease asset. Our firm prides itself in our extensive experience and knowledge of the ground lease market, and an unyielding commitment to quality service and maximum value for our clients.
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